Monday, February 2, 2009


I just read my home horoscope for 2009 on Elle Decor. It is funny how horoscopes can sometimes hit really close to home! After you read mine, go and check out your own! 

"Cancers are born homebodies who instinctively kick into nesting mode during life's ups and downs, so establishing a design scheme that soothes your soul is vital. This year finds you exploring a diverse array of ideas and cultural influences, and your worldly sensibility is reflected in your interior environment. Although you may draw from widely disparate sources of inspiration, your space always feels, comfortingly, like home. 
2009 Keyword: Eclectic. Now isn't the time to seek out status symbol pieces: Offbeat finds with personal and cultural significance makes your place more charming and welcoming. Think ethnic crafts and textiles, folk art, and collectibles from distant lands." 

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