Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old Luckett Store

I love driving out to the Old Luckett Store, in Loudoun County, VA. Driving through white fenced horse farms and tucked away wineries (did you know VA is freckled with hundreds of vineyards?), the 1910 building rests across from a lonely stoplight.  The store is in a beautiful old creaky building and is home to more than 20 antique dealers. It is so much fun to wade through all of the different rooms and floors of the store. The furniture even spills out onto their long porch.  I'm pretty sure they also offer a lot of reproductions, which tend to confuse me. Sadly, I'm the worst at identifying furniture periods, worth, repros, and good deals. I've relied on my mom's infinite knowledge for so long to help me decipher an antique's worth but haven't really learned the tricks myself.  That is definitely one of my current goals. 

I adore lilacs and this pitcher is perfect for the fragrant, gangly branches. Obviously the hutch is beautiful too, although not quite my husband's and my style.
I love my current (rented) brand new apartment. But after years of renting old Boston brownstones with fireplaces in almost every room, my apartment doesn't feel quite right without a mantel. I love the one pictured above!
Although I don't have room for one now, I'd love to have a hutch to display my china and glassware. This one is great, although I would definitely have to paint it...

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