Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Macy's semi-annual home sale is today, although it seems that they have a different sale every week.  Anyway, I am off to brave the icy roads for some deals.  I have to pick up some king size pillows (I'll admit it-I've been folding the long edge of my new king size pillowcases over my regular sized pillows for the last few weeks. shhh!) and a new bed skirt.  I have always had a white bed skirt, as they really match everything. I planned on sticking with white, but I  

really like brown skirt shown with my set (above). Hmm...the bed skirt prices might make up my mind for me. 


Isa said...

Hi there!
Your blog is lovely!! ... and I see you are also a fan of viva terra! I have that little decanter and swoon over the pebble mats and those plates -- I should just go ahead and get them!

I can't wait to see the deals you get! Be careful out there in all that ice!

Thanks for visiting my little world today and for your nice comment.
xo Isa

Blue Muse said...

Eep. I was logged into gmail and not my blog. Here's me with working links LOL.
xo Isa